Car Part Clinic LLC

A great place to start looking for Mustang Parts is at Car Part Clinic LLC at They have a wide inventory of tested used car parts as well as new parts for various vehicle makes, models, and years. Although it’s not a specialized Ford Mustang part reseller/distributor, they are a reputable company that may have the Mustang part(s) that you are seeking. If not, they’ll point you in the right direction.

They offer a great streamlined service. It only takes a phone call inquiry to find out if they have a certain part available as all of their part’s inventory are computerized. From entire engines, transmissions, suspension parts, to body parts and everything in between, they carry them all. Just give Andy a call at 800-691-8586, and if they have it they’ll ship to you for FREE!*

*Within the Continental U.S. via U.S. Freight Shipping

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